Piero Ferrari: Our goal is to surpass all

Piero Ferrari: Our goal is to surpass all

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Piero Ferrari, son of the legendary Commendator and vice president of Ferrari, assured fans of the Italian team that its goals remain the same – victories in races and championships.

“Our goal for the future is to win races and again surpass everyone,” Ferrari said, participating in the sports program “Extra Time” on Italian Radio 1. “I love everyone who works hard every day in Maranello, everyone who works in this great teamwork.

What is more important, a racer or a car? To win, you need pilots who make no mistakes and know how to use the capabilities of technology 100%. And a car that is able to overcome the race distance from start to finish at the highest possible pace. And we also need a team, because strategy also plays a very important role.

The level of rivalry in motorsport is now so high that if at least you do not reach the maximum, you will not be able to succeed. We have been in Formula 1 since the very first season and are still playing – it is important for us to go to the start of the World Cup every year and give all our strength for the victory.

I hope that the two sides of the Ferrari soul that my father dreamed of will remain unchanged forever. Our company will produce more and more the most beautiful sports cars of the Gran Turismo class, and our team will achieve victories in Formula 1 “.