Pierce Brosnan forced Aston Martin to give him a car

Pierce Brosnan forced Aston Martin to give him a car

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company had to present the actor supercar V12 Vanquish

Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond in the 2002 action movie “Die, But Not Now,” talked about how he convinced Aston Martin to give him a supercar.

In Bond’s twentieth film, Die another day, Pierce Brosnan played James Bond, the famous British secret agent, for the fourth and last time. In the same blockbuster agent 007 for the first time since the film “Golden Eye” in 1995, again returned behind the wheel of Aston Martin. “Die another day” was a great opportunity for the British to advertise the V12 Vanquish, but they did not expect the starring actor to want a supercar for himself – and for free. According to Brosnan in an interview with Esquire, he really expected that Aston Martin will present him a car as a marketing move.

However, the British did not think so. When the actor found out about this, he basically did not even approach the V12 Vanquish at a press conference on the release of “Die another day” for hire. Brosnan also connected his agent to pressure on the automaker, and ultimately the British surrendered, giving the actor a supercar with nameplates. Unfortunately, after many years, the car eventually burned out along with Brosnan’s house in Malibu as a result of a major fire in 2015. All that is left of it is a couple of those same plates.