“Piece of cheese” with a jet engine sells for the price of a Kia Ceed

“Piece of cheese” with a jet engine sells for the price of a Kia Ceed

October 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Previously, an unusual car could be bought for 35 thousand dollars, but now the price has been reduced to 16 thousand

Once again, an unusual “piece of cheese” on wheels equipped with a jet engine – it is called Cheese-N-Ator, was put up for sale. In recent years, Cheese-N-Ator has been rapidly falling in price: in 2018 it was sold for 35 thousand dollars, in 2019 – already for 24 thousand, and now for 16 thousand. For comparison, for this price in Russia you can buy a new Kia Ceed.

The one-of-a-kind “cheese” card was developed by car enthusiast Dieter Sturm from Wisconsin back in 2016. He hoped that investors would be interested in the project or that some cheese producer would pay for an advertising tour around the country, but neither happened. Therefore, it is not the first time that Cheese-N-Ator has been put up for sale – another ad appeared on the Facebook Marketplace, and The Drive drew attention to it.

The Cheese-N-Ator consists of a modified platform frame with a cheese triangle shaped swap body. The Drive notes the unsafe design – for example, the fuel tanks are located directly next to the driver’s seat, and the jet engine is fenced off by a thin wooden partition.

Sturm used a jet drive to test aircraft models, so the dynamic characteristics of the Cheese-N-Ator are not impressive: it travels at the speed of a school bus and is not able to reach more than 50 kilometers per hour.

Last year, the Honda Mean Mower V2 lawn mower entered the Guinness Book of Records, which managed to accelerate from standstill to 100 miles per hour (161 kilometers per hour) in 6.29 seconds. The lawnmower was driven by a liter inline four from the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP superbike – at 13,000 rpm it produces 203 horsepower.