Pickup VW Amarok from the German tuner is fully ready for off-road

Pickup VW Amarok from the German tuner is fully ready for off-road

April 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the tuning studio Delta 4×4, prepared a truck to overcome serious off-road. The height of the ground clearance is almost 254 mm more than the standard version of the German pickup.

The German tuner Delta 4×4 introduced a new “package” of improvements for the Volkswagen Amarok pickup, which turns the latter into a real SUV. The upgrades give the truck an extra ground clearance of an impressive 250 millimeter.

Only for this it will be necessary to pay 2,000 euros. For the subsequent improvement of the off-road abilities of the car, EUR 1,800 or 129,964 steering wheels are required. For this money springs are installed with Bilstein shock absorbers.

A set of 20-inch KlassikB wheels with 35-inch Cooper tires or 33-inch Yokohama tires offered for 4,500 euros. It is also proposed to install a wider combination of wheels and tires, a set of wider wings, a modified front bumper with LED lamps.

The showpiece of a Volkswagen Amarok pickup from a Delta 4×4 tuning company received a matte black body with red details in the front and rear. Atelier engineers also added an additional LED panel on the top of the windshield. A similar panel at the back provides space for installing even more LEDs above the roof. With so much lighting, getting lost in the desert should be a little more difficult than usual.