Pickup Nissan Navara without problems drove 1 609 344 km. Original engine and gearbox

Pickup Nissan Navara without problems drove 1 609 344 km. Original engine and gearbox

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of the Japanese pickup truck Nissan Frontier (aka Navara) of the 2007 model drove 1,609,344 km on it. The machine still uses the engine and transmission that were installed from the factory.

1 609 344 km! This distance is equivalent to flying to the moon and back twice. If there was a road going around the equator of the Earth, 40 laps would be required to achieve this mileage. It was such a number of kilometers that the old Nissan Frontier pickup (aka Navara) of the 2007 model was able to drive. This indicates the high quality cars of the Japanese brand Nissan.

According to the truck owner, the old Frontier has become his favorite car since it was purchased in 2007.


This is a double cab pickup truck King Cab, under the hood of which is a four-cylinder Nissan engine working with a five-speed manual gearbox.

A significant event in the life of both the pickup and its owner occurred on January 27 this year, although the Frontier digital odometer stopped counting mileage at 999,999 miles (1,609,342 km). The most remarkable thing in this whole story is that the engine and transmission are completely original without any major repairs or overhauls, although the timing chain was replaced at 1,126,540 km as a preventative measure.

 The radiator and generator that were installed from the factory “traveled” 724,204 km, and if you are interested in how many clutches were changed in Frontier, you will get – the car owner changed only one clutch and it was on a run of 1,289,084 km. The car owner himself changed the engine oil every 16,093 km.