Pickup Lamborghini Urus: fiction can be a reality

Pickup Lamborghini Urus: fiction can be a reality

January 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the Italian brand has just recently entered the mass segment of off-road vehicles with the Lamborghini Urus model, this does not mean that it will not develop it.

The web presented an incredible renden. The designer really presented something fantastic – pickup Lamborghini Urus. And despite the minimal chance of waiting for such a car in the factory version, it still looks amazing. Of course, in the future, the company may present both new modifications and new models in this segment. Moreover, the first experience she had in 1986 with the model LM002, long before it became a trend.

On the render, we were shown a more “evil” version of the Urus with large truck tires, as well as a cargo compartment in the classic style of American pickups. Judging by the size – the carrying capacity would be about 500-700 kg. Salon could also become more practical in terms of pickups and daily operation.


And despite the fact that this is a designer’s fantasy, we still expect that some of the tuners or fans will be inspired by this image to take on a unique project.