Pickup GMC Sierra 2019 can get a diesel engine

Pickup GMC Sierra 2019 can get a diesel engine

October 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to information provided by employees of the Canadian GM dealer, the full-size GMC Sierra pickup version 2019 of the model year will be equipped with a diesel power turbo unit. It is also reported that the same engine can get and a close relative of the model – Chevy Silverado.

The new version of the American pickup Chevrolet Silverado, and its almost exact copy of the GMC Sierra, was officially presented to the world earlier this year. At the moment, we know almost all the details about these cars.

However, there is one detail that is quite important, which we have not been informed until today. The point is that these American full-size pickups will be equipped with a new 3.0-liter diesel turbo engine.

Note that so far, the press service of the automotive concern General Motors, which includes GMC and Chevrolet, did not say anything about the new engine. Well, we learned about this new product from our foreign colleagues – it is reported that information about the diesel engine appeared on the site of one of the Canadian GM dealerships.

At the disposal of the guys there were pictures of the new specification of the car. According to these photos, we can see that the new inline 6-cylinder diesel turbo engine, received a power of 282 horsepower (max torque is 610 Nm). I must say that with this power unit, a pickup truck could become the best player in its segment, offering customers more power than similar models from Ford and RAM.

However, there is a rather significant drawback in the fact that the GMC Sierra 2019 will receive a more powerful engine than its direct competitors. If a pickup truck is equipped with a 282-horsepower turbo-diesel engine, fuel consumption per 100 km will be 8.4 liters on the highway – the diesel version of the other American Ford F-150 pickup truck can boast of such consumption.

It also became known that the diesel turbo engine for the GMC Sierra pickup will not be offered for the very initial configuration. The American pickup with the new engine can tow 7,800 pounds or 3,538 kg – it is noteworthy that the diesel version of the Ford F-150 is capable of more.

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