Pickup Fiat Toro-2020: diesel is now in the base version

Pickup Fiat Toro-2020: diesel is now in the base version

July 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

 The Italian brand introduced its updated truck. The model slightly modified the exterior design, the list of available equipment was also expanded.

Created on the stretched version of the Jeep Renegade platform, the pickup truck Fiat Toro debuted in 2016, it is produced in Brazil, this country is the main market for the model. The truck is very popular there: in 2018, 58,477 such vehicles were sold (+ 15% compared to 2017), and in January-June of the current year it acquired 28,599 owners (+ 10%). On the Brazilian market, Toro ranks second in its segment, only another Fiat truck is better dispersed – the more affordable Strada (67,227 units in 2018 and 36,310 units in six months of 2019). Nevertheless, the brand decided to refresh Toro.

So far, the 2020 model year pickup is still offered in four trim levels: Endurance, Freedom, Ranch and Volcano. All versions have got a new front bumper. With the exception of the basic Toro Endurance, all variants still received a fresh multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen instead of the previous 5-inch (for the cheapest Toro, a 7” screen is an option). Plus expanded body color palette. For the Freedom version, S-Design can now be ordered for an additional fee, such truck features: emblems of the brand with a black background, glass trimming in the same color, roof rails, steps and stickers on the hood and stern, black interior.

At the end of the year the new top version Ultra will enter the market. Its main “trick” – a body with a rigid lid. As noted in Fiat, this solution will better protect the contents of the cargo area, which, in fact, turned into a big trunk. If desired, the cover can be completely removed. By the way, all versions of Toro have hinged doors instead of a hinged side of the cargo compartment. Another difference Toro Ultra from other configurations – steps and inscriptions with the name of the version on the doors.

Motors former. The pickup is equipped with the EtorQ 1.8 Flex and Tigershark 2.4 Flex engines, which, traditionally for Brazil, run on both gasoline and ethanol. In the first case, the base engine produces 135 hp, in the second – 139 hp Engine power 2.4 – 174 and 186 hp respectively. Also, customers can choose Toro with a 170-hp MultiJet II 2.0 turbodiesel.

Previously, the cheapest equipment was available only with 1.8 Flex and Aisin six-speed automatic, while at the updated Toro Endurance this engine can also be combined with five-speed manual transmission. In addition, the basic pickup is now offered with a diesel engine. At the same time, the 6MKP lost heavy engine fuel – just like the 2.4 Flex engine, it now works in pairs with only 9АКП from ZF. Diesel versions are only with all-wheel drive, all other front-wheel drive versions.

The price of Toro-2020 with a 1.8 engine starts from 92,990 Brazilian reais, a model with 2.4 engine costs from 122,990 reais, a diesel pickup will cost at least 129,990 reais.

Toro is not supplied outside of South America, Fiat has not yet announced plans to offer pick-up in other regions.