Photospy revealed the interior and exterior of the new Ford Focus ST

Photospy revealed the interior and exterior of the new Ford Focus ST

August 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It is noteworthy that several foreign automobile publications published photographs at once. Judging by them, in front Focus ST was even closer to a more powerful version of RS, rather than to its previous generation. However, the new ST does not have a splitter under the front bumper, a different platform for the license plate, other air intakes and a radiator grille. In addition, the cars have different headlights: they have ST with a small notch at the bottom.

Significantly different cars on the side and back. ST has other mirrors with thresholds, lights, spoiler, windows, doors, and a trunk lid with a bumper. The previous generation Focus ST when viewed from the side and back was closer to the Focus RS, the new car will receive a more authentic design.

As for the interior, it will be strikingly different from what you could see on previous Focus RS and ST, the salons of which were largely identical. The multimedia system will be rendered higher, the vertical deflectors will be replaced by horizontal ones, and the design of the torpedo itself will change significantly. You can also see a new seat with an armrest. Photos of the exterior and interior of the pre-production prototype Focus ST can be viewed on the portal of the Australian edition of Caradvice.

“Fresh” Focus ST will be built on the basis of the C2 chassis, which will allow it to lose about 88 kilograms of weight, which will positively affect the dynamic performance and fuel efficiency. Also, the transition to a new platform will make the chassis as a whole 20% stronger, another 50% of the rigidity will be added in the area of ​​”glasses” and the locations of attachment levers.

Our colleagues during the current year have reported different information about which motor will be installed under the hood of the new Focus ST. First it was reported that the ST will go to the EcoBoost three-cylinder motor, then there was information that the Americans decided to stay on the two-liter four, but according to new data, the new generation Ford Focus ST still gets exactly the same 2.3 kW EcoBoost engine, which is installed under the hood of the Focus RS, however, it will be deformed from about 350 to 270-280 horsepower.

In April, Autocar reported that Ford could move the Focus ST presentation to January-February 2019, but judging by the fact that the car was already declassified, it was not long to wait for its debut.