Photospies photographed the second-generation Audi Q3 optics

Photospies photographed the second-generation Audi Q3 optics

January 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Audi continues to test the prototype of the new, second-generation crossover Q3. This time tests passed in Scandinavia, and as it often happens, photo-spies appeared quite unexpectedly nearby, thanks to which photos of crossover optics appeared.

Judging by the pictures, the new Q3 will have a different optics, not only the predecessor, but the older and younger “brothers” in the model line. The front optics will receive small cutouts on the sides, the shape of the navigation lights will change. It is also clearly seen that the shape of the engine grill as well as the bumper will change slightly.

there is enough change in the rear too: the tail lights will get a different shape with sharp edges in the license plate area, and the shape of the LED strip inside their housing will also change. The reflectors will become wider, the bumper will also be refreshed. But over the design of the final system, the Germans will still work, as the exhaust pipes on the prototype are hidden.

The second generation Audi Q3, as our colleagues from the British edition Autocar write, will be 60 millimeters longer and 30 millimeters wider than the current generation of the crossover. Thus, the model will be much closer to the older Audi Q5 crossover, whose length is 4 660 millimeters, than to Audi Q2 (4 190 millimeters). It is important that the new Q3 will “lose weight” by 50 kilograms, and with a base turbocharged 4-cylinder with capacity of 1.5 liters with a power of 128 hp, the crossover will weigh less than 1,350 kilograms.