Photos published from the tests of the updated VW Caddy

Photos published from the tests of the updated VW Caddy

January 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German novelty of the 2021 model year was seen on a series of road trials. Apparently, the prototypes have already received fully serial elements of the exterior and optics.

I must say that the commercial German Volkswagen Caddy in its current generation (the third in a row) has been on the market for quite some time. The machine was introduced back in 2003, and has been manufactured since 2004. So the model urgently needs an update that will allow it to remain competitive.

 A couple of minutes ago, our editors had “spy” photos at their disposal, showing a prototype of the brand new Volkswagen Caddy, which passed a series of tests in snowy Europe.

 It can be seen that the car body is completely covered with camouflage film and despite this, you can see that the prototypes have already received a serial body and optics.

While those teasers released by VW showed us the fourth-generation Caddy that looked more like a sports car rather than a boring panel van, these test cars show that this is actually not the case. The model, as before, will remain a square commercial vehicle. The above teasers showed off a brand new car with side mirrors mounted high on the front pillars, but as you can see, they are where you expect to see them.

 This is not to say that the updated Caddy will disappoint in terms of external design, but it definitely will not look as exciting as in the official sketches. As for the interior of the model, of course, this part of the car also expects significant updates.

 But despite the fact that the designers of the German brand are “wise” there, most Caddy buyers care about how much space there is in the back for transporting goods and / or people. VW has not yet disclosed any details about these indicators for the next generation model, only saying that it will have a larger rear window for the passenger car option, while the commercial model will still have an opaque tailgate and hinged doors .

 We also know that the car will receive LED lights in the front and rear, as well as a narrower grille and larger wheels. It is widely believed – although not officially confirmed yet – that the Caddy 2021 model year will be built on the MQB platform.