Photos of the pickup Toyota Tundra 2022 model year

Photos of the pickup Toyota Tundra 2022 model year

November 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Photos of the next generation of the Japanese Toyota Tundra truck have surfaced. These images were reportedly taken during a special event likely to be dedicated to Toyota dealers. The pictures are of rather poor quality.

The first shot shows the front corner of the truck. In the upper corner, you can see the headlight and the side T-shaped lamp for the navigation lights. Below it is the air intake – it sits between the main grille and the outer edge of the wing, and is decorative rather than functional. Horizontal “fog lights” are located under the false radiator grille.

The published images are blurry, but they show the front of the novelty with all the lamps on.

The photo shows that under the Toyota emblem there is also a light stripe on the grille. The truck looks like it would be clearly visible at night with this kind of lighting.

It is also possible to look into the back. Bracket shaped taillights point outward from the vehicle. There may be individual lights at the end of the tailgate, but this is difficult to tell due to the blurry image.

It is reported that the new Tundra will not receive a V8 engine. Its role will be taken by a twin-turbo V6. It is currently unclear if this powerplant will be purely hybrid or the engine will get electrification as a separate option.

In previously published “spy” images of test truck prototypes, Toyota is trying hard to hide the appearance of the new Tundra, there is even a special “skirt” that hides the rear axle and suspension. Perhaps the company is hiding some big changes that will appear in the design of the car.

2022 Tundra uses the new Toyota F1 platform. We don’t have details on this yet. Current information suggests the 2022 Tundra will go on sale in December 2021. Although these images show that the company has no problem showing the truck to some people.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that they presented the new Toyota Allion sedan. Today, November 20, the premiere of the new Toyota Allion sedan, which is intended for the PRC market, took place at the Guangzhou auto show.