Photographers captured the BMW Z5 on the race track

Photographers captured the BMW Z5 on the race track

September 23, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time photographers managed to catch the roadster at the Nurburgring. The car, built jointly with Toyota, which is preparing its own sports car named Supra is now carefully concealed from the public on the race track, as his official debut will take place only during the next two years.

As before, not much can be seen because of camouflage, although the car does have a very traditional proportions of a roadster BMW with a very long hood and short ass. But the presence of big wheels, big brakes hide, suggesting that this particular test model Z5 is a high performance version of hot version of M. However, it would be contrary to an earlier report of the Road & Track, which quoted the M2 project manager, according to which the BMW It had no plans to construct Z5 model of M-variant.

It is expected that the most powerful version of Z5 and Supra will be driven by a hybrid powertrain, using electric motors and in-line six-cylinder BMW. Also, the first photos show the interior, which looks pretty much identical to the test Supra model. Everything from the dashboard to the BMW parts such as the steering wheel, the virtual instrument the display controller and the climate control are the same as in the Toyota model.

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