Photographer made from Audi R8 fascinating puzzle

Photographer made from Audi R8 fascinating puzzle

May 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Swiss photographer showed how he ironed the Audi R8 sports car torn into many pieces. Each detail, subsequently placed on the final image, was captured separately.

Swiss photographer Fabian Ofner turned ordinary car shots into a real work of art. The other day, the talented Swiss showed his new work from the acclaimed series of machines “breaking up” into parts. The main hero of the new picture was the German sports car Audi R8. Interestingly, the debut of the “split” into parts Audi was devoted to a round date – ten years of presence of the model on the US car market.

 To make the photo as accurate and effective as possible, Audi specialists had to “make up the cogs” of the rear of the car.

 So, the supercar engine was decomposed into separate components. A similar fate awaited the gearbox, cooling system and all the electrics. How much time it took all this painstaking and laborious process – not reported. After that, each detail was separately photographed and mixed with others in a graphical editor.

 Earlier, the photographer showed “breaking up” into one and a half thousand small pieces of the Lamborghini Miura SV 1972 model year. In the case of this model, the master spent the whole two years creating the final picture.