Phaeton layout was the most expensive Volkswagen ever

Phaeton layout was the most expensive Volkswagen ever

April 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Volkswagen Phaeton executive sedan was not able to recoup the costs of its development – probably because it turned out to be quite expensive.

  The chic Volkswagen Phaeton as a result was only a financial disaster for the German corporation: its sales never reached the intended 20 thousand cars a year.

It is believed that Volkswagen was losing about 28,000 thousand euros on each car sold, which ultimately brought the company almost 2 billion euros of losses in the entire life cycle of the sedan. Although the 14-year-old Phaeton was discontinued about 4 years ago, interesting details about the top sedan appear to date.

 According to Klaus Bischoff, chief designer of VW Group, in an interview with Top Gear on Saturday, April 25, they spared neither time nor money to create the model, and the Phaeton layout was the most expensive in the history of the German brand.

  It happened because Ferdinand Piehe, who saw the Phaeton as the best executive sedan in the world, did not like the layout that the designers prepared. He instructed them to continue working and as a result, as Bischoff noted, they developed a model that still remains the most complex and expensive in the history of the German brand – worked out to the smallest details and with a fully functional interior.

 Seeing the new layout, Piech said: “Well, now everything is right”, but, according to Bischoff, this is the best compliment that could be heard from the boss.