Peugeot will present the new 208 at the Geneva Motor Show

Peugeot will present the new 208 at the Geneva Motor Show

February 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Peugeot is hard at work on the release of the new generation of the compact hatchback 208, which is expected to debut at the upcoming March Geneva Motor Show with a number of innovations.

Peugeot strives to become the first automaker to launch a super-compact model with a full line of power plants – gasoline, diesel and all-electric. It was the last and was filmed on winter tests.

The exterior style of the model draws inspiration from the larger 308th, when it comes to proportions, as well as from the 508th, when referring to the design of headlights and taillights. Inside the Peugeot 208, a new infotainment system, communication and driver assistance systems, as well as semi-autonomous driving systems are expected.

The second generation of the hatchback is built on a modular CMP platform, which gives more space for both the cabin and the installation of the electric motor. And although Peugeot keeps the technical characteristics of the electric motor secret, according to the latest information, it will offer mileage on a single charge of about 300 kilometers.