Peugeot will miss the Geneva Motor Show

Peugeot will miss the Geneva Motor Show

January 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker’s interest in visiting car dealerships is not constant. Some will miss Paris, but those charged will come to Geneva. According to a new Auto Plus report, Peugeot refutes this rule and will not attend the Geneva Motor Show this year, which probably means that other PSA Group brands – Citroën and Opel – will also miss a brilliant event.

The publication quoted a Peugeot communications team member who spoke about the show. The reason for the lack of Peugeot? The lack of novelty at the exhibition, according to the publication. Displays for car dealerships are expensive, and it’s not wise to use them.

Peugeot is not the first automaker to drive past Geneva. Earlier this month, Lamborghini announced that it would also miss a motor show. Lamborghini said it would focus on individual events where its cars would not have to compete with rivals in the spotlight.

Geneva is also not the only auto show to receive a cold response from automakers. Audi and Mercedes miss New York while Volkswagen bypasses Paris; however, VW will be on the Geneva show this year.