Peugeot racing minivan put up for sale

Peugeot racing minivan put up for sale

November 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car took part in the “24 Hours of Spa” marathon in 1995

The Belgian restoration workshop Gipimotor has put up for sale a unique car – the Peugeot 806 minivan, which participated in the 24 Hours of Spa race. It was built by the Kronos Racing team in 1995 with the support of Peugeot.

The basis of the racing car, created as part of the Peugeot advertising campaign and the Procar series, was the serial 806 (1994-2002). At Kronos Racing, the minivan was completely disassembled, getting rid of all unnecessary, then the engine was replaced. The place of the standard unit was taken by a two-liter engine, which developed about 280 forces (it was a “four” based on the Peugeot 306 Maxi rally block). The drivetrain, suspension and brakes migrated to the monocab from the touring 406 Supertourisme.

In qualifying, Peugeot 806 took 12th place, but in the race his luck turned away. Despite the love of the public – this was partly due to the fact that all the turns of the minivan took place on two wheels – Pascal Whitmer, who was piloting the car, was never able to finish. First, the minivan’s brakes failed, then the differential stopped working, and the engine failed to complete the chord.

The unique Peugeot 806 Procar can be put in a row with another creation of the French company, but Renault. We are talking about an Espace F1 with an FW15C chassis, an 800-horsepower RS5 engine, a racing sequential gearbox and carbon brake discs. True, unlike the 806, Espace was more of a show car, and never participated in races.