Peugeot plans to return to the US car market

Peugeot plans to return to the US car market

April 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the plans of the French brand, Peugeot may return to the US car market in 2023. The company will try to bring the most complete range.

Earlier there were rumors that Peugeot plans to return to the US market in 2026. According to a foreign publication, the French automaker has already changed its plans for several years. Journalists refer to the words of the current Peugeot boss Carlos Tavares.

Now, the return of the brand in the United States is scheduled for 2023. By the way, despite earlier rumors that all French cars that reach this country will be new generations of models, this is far from being the case.

“What we can bring to the United States is based on everything you see today,” said Mr. Tavares. Judging by everything, the leadership of the French brand regarding car sales in the North American car market is partly affected by successful sessions. -groups with American consumers, who tested the current versions of Peugeot cars. Peugeot plans to bring in the United States more or less complete model line, rather than a couple of basic models, as it was before. It must be said that the company management understands that their path to success will not be easy, because during their absence many competitors have emerged, with whom it will be necessary to “fight” again.

One of the problems that Peugeot will face at first, concerns an undeveloped dealer network. Peugeot plans to offer potential buyers the opportunity to buy cars via the Internet, ahead of the traditional dealer model, but at the same time allowing potential owners to test cars. How this will be done is not explained in detail.