Peugeot introduced the electric concept in retro style

Peugeot introduced the electric concept in retro style

October 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Peugeot presented an electric concept called e-Legend at the Paris Motor Show. The prototype was built in honor of the classic coupe 504, released in 1968. As the representatives of the French brand explained, the novelty was created including for contrast with the autonomous concept Instinct.

The prototype was designed in retro style and a number of stylistic solutions from the original coupe. So, the novelty borrowed from the classic model a rectangular grille, headlights with dual elements, and rear pillars with a similar inclination. The length of the car was 4650 mm, width – 1930 mm, height – 1370 mm, and the size of the wheelbase is 2690 millimeters.

“It was the most difficult concept car I had to develop. It took us a long time to find the right balance between the heir and the classic 504,” – said the project’s chief designer Mathias Haussan.

Peugeot e-Legend is driven by two electric units, located on the front and rear axle of the car. In total, the engines develop 340 kW, which is equivalent to 462 horsepower (800 Nm of torque). The coupe is able to accelerate from a spot to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, and its maximum speed is 220 km per hour.

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In total, the driver has two driving modes – Legend and Boost. Without recharging, the car can travel up to 600 kilometers (according to the world WLTP cycle). You can replenish your battery in just 25 minutes.

The concept of the Peugeot e-Legend is equipped with a fourth-level autonomous system. This means that the prototype can move without driver intervention. Also, the car has received a new version of the corporate interior i-Cockpit. The electric car is equipped with a digital dashboard, made in the style of the three analog dials of the original coupe. When the unmanned mode is activated, the steering wheel is fully folded, revealing to the driver a huge 49-inch display.

Instead of the side mirrors, the prototype has special cameras that transmit the image to special displays in the vehicle interior. In total at the disposal of the driver and passengers 16 screens of various sizes.

Peugeot e-Legend is designed exclusively as a concept, its launch into mass production is not provided. At the same time, representatives of the company stressed that many technical solutions in the future will be presented on many models of the French company.