Peugeot Instinct Concept – beautiful and intelligent

Peugeot Instinct Concept – beautiful and intelligent

February 27, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The company Peugeot has introduced a new concept Instinct. The French described body type as Shooting Brake – wagon with downlink roof. Mercedes likes to issue such a body. The headlights of the concept not only effective, but also practical: they have built-in cameras that monitor the road. The four-seater unmanned Shooting Brake was a modern media complex, able to anticipate the needs of the driver and the floor covered with a layer of concrete. Silky to the touch surface, according to Peugeot, «invites you to take off our shoes and relax.”

The prototype Peugeot Instinct never be serial – it is announced officially. Its mission – to demonstrate insight specialists Peugeot on the path of development, which civil unmanned vehicles to pass over the next decade. We know that Instinct Concept is equipped with facilities that allow five (highest to date) level of autonomy – that is, in theory, electronics of the concept is able to cope with all the traffic situation is not worse by the person.

Multimedia complex of the concept works on the platform of Internet of Things and uses cloud service of Samsung Artik Cloud. With it, he can synchronize with the owner of gadgets, including specific programs such as diary and remember his choice. With the information received advance system adjusts climate control, mode control electronics and interior lights and position chair.

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However, the navigation automatically downloaded information on the planned trip. Another chip multimedia complex was recognition of the physical condition of the person – if the system reads from the owner smart watch reasonable information that before the trip, he visited a gym, salon and various functions of the machine will be configured for maximum comfort movement.

In Shooting Brake has four modes of motion. For two to manual control and autonomous: In the Drive Boost and Drive Relax and car customized for maximum comfort and dynamic course accordingly. The Autonomous Soft autopilot will be focused on a leisurely trip, while the Autonomous Sharp option provides faster routes. During the independent movement the wheel and pedals of the concept almost completely removed, creating more space for the driver. He, like other passengers drone may use the personal assistant in the multimedia sector through voice commands. One of the developers of the concept Matthias Hosani said that the future owner of this car will be able to select the firmware for electronics, for example, to sit behind the wheel of a virtual twin of the famous auto athlete.

The concept is equipped with a 300-strong hybrid with the possibility of charging from an external network and a set of security system, part of which runs through integrated optics to start small cameras.

Novelty will be shown to general public as part of the Geneva Motor Show in March.