Peugeot has released a line of electric crossover bikes

Peugeot has released a line of electric crossover bikes

August 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While there are no SUVs among Peugeot’s electric cars, there are those in the new range of bicycles that will survive off-road driving and even make it enjoyable. All variants are equipped with Bosch motors, batteries providing a range of 110 km, thick tires and suspensions.

Throughout its history, the French automobile brand did not shy away from producing bicycles – the very first Penny Farthing model appeared in 1886, and a hundred years later the company had 500 models. The first Peugeot electric bike was launched in 2009.

The company’s recent addition to its range of bicycles includes three new models: the eT01 Crossover D9, D10 and FS.

The D9 crossover can be ordered with an S, M or L size aluminum frame and in Mixt or Sport (low or mid-low frame). The kit does not include headlights, mud flaps and a trunk, but there is a Bosch Active Line display and a 400Wh Bosch PowerTube battery in the frame tube, which will last for 110 km, writes New Atlas. In addition, there is a Suntour hydraulic fork, Shimano drivetrain, drive and brakes, and 29 ”aluminum wheels with Hutchinson Python 2 tires. The price of the model is 2,500 euros.

The D10 is a lot like the D9 except that it comes with LED front and rear lights, mudguards, footrest and trunk. The electrical components are a Bosch Performance CX motor with 63Nm and a 500Wh PowerTube battery, although there is no difference in the range. Python 2 tires are 27.5 inches. Price – 3300 euros.

The two FS models are available only with a “sport” frame and full suspension for rough roads and forest trails. The basic configuration includes a Bosch Active Line motor in combination with a PowerTube battery, 29-inch Python 2 wheels. They ask for this model also 3300 euros.

The FS Equipped variant received a Performance Line motor with 60 Nm of torque, a 500 Wh battery, smaller wheels (27.5 inches) and additional accessories in the form of headlights, mud flaps and a trunk. For all this you will have to pay another 700 euros.

Peugeot Crossover e-bikes are already on sale.

Italy’s Ducati recently launched a new electric bike in collaboration with Thok. Buyers are offered premium components packaged in a stylish design and promise that the e-Scrambler will perform well on city streets and on forest roads.