Peugeot announces electric bike superior to electric cars

Peugeot announces electric bike superior to electric cars

October 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The international brand has decided to release its own electric bike. According to official information, he will be able to drive by electric traction up to 140 km / h. The model was called eM01 FS PowerTube.

Future new Peugeot eM01 FS PowerTube could be a “revolution” in the electric bicycle segment. According to the company, the range of the mountain bike should be enough up to 140 km. This figure is superior to some electric cars currently on the market. For example, the compact Renault Twizy electric car is capable of driving up to 100 km on a full charge of batteries.

 The power plant of an electric bicycle is able to help the owner, reducing the load on the pedals, and also has the ability to transfer the vehicle to a completely independent traction. A battery built into the frame is used as a power source. Its capacity is 62 kW * hours.

 Sales of new items may begin in the spring of 2020. The cost has not yet been announced, but the press service promised to launch five “complete sets” at once with various equipment and different battery capacities.

It is worth noting that the complex name of the bike is due to hidden abbreviations. The letter “e” speaks of an electric power plant, the letter “M” stands for Mountain, FS stands for full suspension, that is, the electric bike is a double suspension, and PowerTube says about the battery in the frame.