Perez: We are optimistic about the continuation

Perez: We are optimistic about the continuation

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Historically, the Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most successful stages for Force India, and their successors from Racing Point are counting on points this weekend …

Lance Stroll: “From the point of view of physical form, the stage in Singapore is the most demanding on the calendar, I specially prepare for it, training in hot weather. The race in Singapore is long – almost two hours, so this is also a test of the ability to concentrate. The track is narrow, surrounded by walls – there is no room for errors. The slightest mistake – and you’re in the wall. Good check for riders.

The configuration of the track is very smooth. The circle is technical and long; driving it is purely very difficult. You need to find the optimal balance that matches your style of piloting in order to fully trust the car. It is very difficult to play the last tenths, in order to seriously attack on this track, you need confidence. There are a lot of bumps on the trajectory, during the race the car has a hard time, and not only her – I remember how last year after the finish I had a headache.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

The artificial lighting system is impressive. The lamps are bright, so I use a dark visor. The track illuminated at night looks very impressive. This is one of the races that everyone wants to visit. We are chasing along a floodlit track, with fireworks after the finish – that’s cool.

In Singapore, we continue to live according to European time, it looks strange when you go to bed at three or four in the morning local time and wake up at noon. Fortunately, the hotel can close the windows from the sun. Usually everything goes fine if the maid does not knock on the room at ten in the morning, local. ”

Sergio Perez: “The weekends at Spa and Monza were not easy, but we earned points important for the team. The team changed the situation for the better. The hard work at the base allowed us to add, and on the track the team copes well with its work. Now the team has a positive atmosphere, everyone is optimistic about the continuation.

I always liked performing in Singapore. An interesting city. Difficult track. It is difficult, including physically – because of the high temperature and humidity, and there is no room for errors on the street track. In this race you sweat a lot while driving, so it’s important to prepare well, to work out in equally hot conditions, because this is the longest race of the season.

We stay in a hotel near the highway, walking along it surrounded by fans you feel the atmosphere of this city. This Grand Prix is ​​different from others. Singapore is a great place for racing, when the sun has set, the track looks very impressive.

Over the years, I have succeeded more than once in Singapore. I like the configuration, I generally like city routes. Here you need to be accurate and aggressive – on such tracks you can see the skill of the rider. “

Otmar Safnauer, Team Leader: “We arrived in Singapore with good performance dynamics. In recent months, we have achieved good results. In Monza, no luck – we could not earn points with two cars, but otherwise there were a lot of positive things.

We knew that after the summer holidays we would become stronger. The results of the team in Spa and Monza show what we can count on in the next races. Ahead of the seven Grand Prix – a third of the season, we still have many opportunities to earn points.

Work with the machine continues. This weekend we will try out several aerodynamic innovations that should allow us to take another step forward. ”