Perez: I never had a good car

Perez: I never had a good car

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the account of Sergio Perez for 9 incomplete seasons in Formula 1 – eight podiums, which seems to be not such an impressive achievement, but it depends on what to compare. Nico Hulkenberg, former partner of Sergio for Force India, performs in the championship about the same, but in the first three did not finish even once, although he is considered a very good racer.

The fact is that Peres never had a machine at all that would allow him to regularly fight for high results. When asked whether there was a car in F1 for all the years that would really suit him, the 29-year-old Mexican replied: “I never had one! Although the Sauber C31 in 2012 was good in racing. I think that at a couple of stages of that season we managed to achieve excellent results.

But to be honest, for all my nine seasons, I never had a car that would allow me to fight for the catwalks. I always want you to have the best championship car, but, unfortunately, I haven’t had one so far.

My strong point is the ability to anticipate how events will develop in the race, and use every opportunity, trying to choose the right tactics. I want to say that due to tactics, a driver can achieve a lot. I remember that a couple of times I managed to get on the podium due to the fact that I changed my tactics a bit and decided on when to pit-stop, when not to do it, so all this is important.

I think in the last few years I have demonstrated the ability to always achieve the highest possible results, did it very stably and earned a lot of points. “

Last year, the Force India team first changed owners, and then the name, and now it’s Racing Point. It belongs to a consortium led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, whose son Lance has become Perez’s new partner since this year. At the same time, the economic situation of the team has improved significantly.

“A new era is just beginning,” says Sergio. – All this motivates me very much, I want this project to become truly successful. Of course, all this cannot be achieved in a short time. The new owners appeared quite late (in the second half of 2018), so we had about three months to prepare for the season. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that the team develops as quickly as possible, but we understand: it takes time. But I see that the team has good prospects! ”

The construction of the new Racing Point base should be completed by 2021, it is designed for the team to increase to 600 from the current four hundred employees. After 12 stages, she has 31 points, while she takes 8th place in the Cup of designers, but there is hope that in the second half of the season her situation will become somewhat better.