People started massively buying Volkswagen diesel recall cars

People started massively buying Volkswagen diesel recall cars

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It’s amazing! Recently, people have sharply begun to buy cars with diesel engines of the German company Volkswagen. These cars had to be recalled and carefully recycled due to non-compliance with environmental standards.

A revocable diesel company was carried out for further refinement in order to comply with environmental standards accepted around the world. Moreover, the company was obliged to buy most of the cars from its owners. Cars are sold at dealers after careful refinement, and, importantly, at a fantastic discount.

Experts note that good demand was formed not only due to discounts. In the USA, they actively hunt for Golf cars of 2015 due to its low fuel consumption after a special flashing.

With the TDI mark, Volkswagen sells about 50-60 cars a month. For the most part, buyers do not care about the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere. After all, fuel consumption greatly affects the economic condition of the car owner, and the environmental status gives them nothing.

It happens that situations go so far that customers from other parts of the planet fly into the cabin to quickly book a car that has not yet passed into the hands of another owner.

For example, one buyer bought a car with a mileage of about 60 thousand kilometers for only 12 thousand dollars. The consumption of this diesel car is 5.7 l / 100 km, which is indeed a very economical choice. Also, other buyers choose these cars because of the durability of the engine.

And the state became the cherry on the cake, which decided to warm up the already huge interest of buyers in diesel cars. They offer a favorable guarantee – tax fees and repairs are paid, as well as 77 thousand kilometers added to the guarantee.

It is reported that Volkswagen has bought about 380 thousand cars that do not comply with environmental standards. After the repair, only 70-100 thousand remained, and most of them are copies of the Passat model.

The company buys its cars at auctions, after which it changes all consumables by type of liquid for them, often wipers, wiring, etc. are also subject to replacement. After these small changes, cars reappear on the market.