People don’t buy electric cars because they don’t understand them.

People don’t buy electric cars because they don’t understand them.

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The researchers found out what circumstances are keeping people from buying “green” transport. In the first place was the reason that the manufacturers themselves consider the main advantage of electric vehicles.

Potential owners of electric vehicles exaggerate the complexity of the technologies used in their design, and this factor most often scares them. The survey conducted by the authoritative edition of What Car? among nine thousand respondents showed that the average car owner understands electric cars about one and a half times worse than traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The average consumer appreciated his understanding of the technologies used in electric vehicles by 2.7 points out of five, while in the case of gasoline and diesel cars, this figure was 3.8 points. However, the researchers went further and asked the respondents for some time to get acquainted with the specifics of electric vehicles. It turned out that the “index of understanding” is able to grow to 3.4 points out of five in just 10 days of “immersion in the subject.”

The respondents were asked questions about other perceived difficulties that the purchase of an electric vehicle entails. Manufacturers most often in this kind of rating put the power reserve in the first place, trying to improve it in every way. Meanwhile, about 40% of respondents said that the most cost to buy an electric car was holding them.

28% of respondents put the reserve in the first place, 16% of respondents mentioned the limited range of products as the main reason, and another 15% mentioned the fear that the cost of owning an electric car would be too high.

The authors of the study, according to its results, stated that automakers – especially those who rely on electric vehicles – would have been in parallel with the developments to conduct some educational work among their potential buyers.