Patent Images Seat el-Born Published

Patent Images Seat el-Born Published

February 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The development of the new Seat electric car is in full swing. Meanwhile, it is no longer a secret what kind of car it will be, since patents for ready-for-production el-Born are currently published.

Seat showed off its electric future at the Geneva Salon last year. The Spaniards clearly took the parent company ID.3 as the basis for Volkswagen. Although el-Born, according to the developers, was a concept car, it seemed to be almost ready for production.

Spy photos of the el-Born serial hatchback subsequently confirmed this suspicion, and, as can be seen from the patent drawings presented at the patent office, the new electric car is very similar to a concept car.

In the published patent image all the details are clearly drawn, right down to the parking sensors and other auxiliary systems. So, the radiator grill received a special C-style print, the bumpers are made in Seat’s original serial design, and the decorative triangle in the rear bumper has disappeared. Compared to ID.3, the Spaniard has a slightly sloping roof line, and, like Leon or Tarraco, gets a continuous light bar in the back door.

At a technical level, Seat naturally works with technology that Volkswagen also uses. So expect different versions with different batteries with a range of up to 500 kilometers. According to representatives of el-Born, the electric car will be presented this year.