Patent for quick-release doors for Ford Bronco SUV appeared

Patent for quick-release doors for Ford Bronco SUV appeared

February 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker has filed a patent application. Ford registers the design of quick-release doors. Although the word Bronco has not been mentioned more than once in the description of the patent, the sketch of the SUV on which the door structure is shown is very similar to Bronco R.

Back in May 2018, Ford filed a patent application, which will be discussed in this article. However, it was published recently. Of course, in these documents for the design of the removable door there is not a single mention of the word Bronco. However, the sketch of this particular SUV, on the example of which new doors are shown, is very similar to the Bronco R SUV, which was created to participate in the rally.

In the description of the patent application, an external door is specifically mentioned, which is “removably attached to the hinges using at least one quick connection mechanism”.

Without going too deep into legal patents, it seems this design includes an inner tubular door that contains a doorknob and electric switches for power windows and locks. The outer door is attached to the inner tubular structure using various quick-release latches that allow you to quickly remove the door trim. The interior of the structure is firmly fixed in place, providing some degree of protection.

  Whether these doors will be designed for the new Bronco is still unknown, but we will not be surprised to see that this is indeed so. The official presentation of the SUV will happen next month.