Pastor Maldonado will not be able to continue his career at WEC

Pastor Maldonado will not be able to continue his career at WEC

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Pastor Maldonado, an ex-Formula 1 driver who competed in endurance racing for the American DragonSpeed ​​Racing team last season, will not be able to continue his career at WEC.

It was assumed that in the season 2019-2020. he will move to Jota Sport, another LMP2 team, where Anthony Davidson and Roberto Gonzales will remain his partners, however, according to Racer, the 34-year-old Venezuelan has not fulfilled his commercial obligations specified in the contract.

As a result, he will be replaced by Portuguese Antonio Felix da Costa, who in recent years played in Formula E for the BMW factory team. Changes in the composition of the Jota Sport took place just a week before the first stage of the new WEC season, because it will start on September 1, when the 4-hour Silverstone race will take place in the UK.

In July, Maldonado, along with Davidson and Gonzales, took part in the official WEC prologue, which took place at the Barcelona circuit, but now he has informed through social networks that he will not play in the WEC next season as part of Jota Sport, because he could not achieve with her “ balanced arrangements. ”

However, the prospects and Costa in endurance races are also not quite clear. The fact is that, on the one hand, his contract for the next season with any of the Formula E teams has not been confirmed, on the other hand, the dates of some stages of the “electric series” in 2020 intersect with the WEC races.