Passengers swept in an autonomous taxi without a driver

Passengers swept in an autonomous taxi without a driver

March 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Company Waymo (project Google) has published on its Youtube channel a video that shows the reaction of passengers when driving an unmanned taxi. The video starred ordinary Californians who voluntarily agreed to ride on an autonomous car. During the trip, some of them even had time to sleep.

The video was recorded in Arizona, where Waymo is actively testing its unmanned vehicles. To orientate in a complex system of city streets and its suburbs, unmanned aircraft use optical rangefinders LiDAR, various sensors and high-resolution video cameras. Autonomous cars are based on hybrid minivans Chrysler Pacifica.

At the same time the operator is still in the cabin of the drones, but already sits not in the steering wheel, but in the front seat. Eventually, Waymo plans to launch its own unmanned transport service, which will operate on the basis of a mobile application.

Waymo was not the first company to manage trials of unmanned vehicles with real passengers. So, back in the end of 2016 tests of autonomous taxis with ordinary people began the firm Uber. Now the company conducts similar programs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as in Tempe, Arizona.