Parked for 25 years, Cadillac is finally towed

Parked for 25 years, Cadillac is finally towed

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the man who lives next door, the car has been in its place since 1994.

Times change, but the old, rusty Cadillac, which is parked on Brooklyn Street (New York), remains the same. Twenty-five years later, the old Cadillac of 1971, the model of the year, made its last flight — it was towed off by officers of the New York Police Department after a resident of the local park complained about a “car left unattended”.

  The famous New York Daily News reports that the car was a local landmark. According to local residents, they were owned by an elderly man suffering from a mental illness, who was never able to take care of his car. After a recent complaint from local residents, the car was removed by a tow truck.

 However, not everyone was happy when the authorities towed the car. “This car is our attraction,” said a neighbor, whose name is Jake. “Those who look closely at this and want to get rid of the car are not real Brooklynians.”

  “This is a security threat,” – one woman told the Daily News, who moved to the area where the car was parked for several years. “My children walk in the local park every day. This car should be removed from here.” Another resident of the local houses added: “All cars must drive, and this old Cadilac has been here for a year already.”

  In fact, no one was sure when the car was last moved from its place. New parking rules could not move this old man, and even the recent permission for the city survey, according to which all residents were offered to move their cars, could not change anything. The luxury sedan was filled from floor to roof with yellow newspapers and empty water bottles.