Panasonic will present at CES a concept car of its own design

Panasonic will present at CES a concept car of its own design

January 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The car with automatic control of its own design Panasonic debuts in January at the CES in Las Vegas.

At the disposal of the online edition of Jalopnik was the first spy photo of a Panasonic unmanned vehicle of its own design. It is assumed that the novelty will debut in a few days at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas.

Panasonic is actively investing in the creation of its own automobile projects. Earlier it was reported that the Japanese company would double investments in the development of cars by 2022, from 1.3 trillion yen to 2.5 trillion yen (from about 11.6 billion dollars to 22.2 billion dollars).

In November 2017 it became known that Panasonic launched tests of cars with automatic control systems. Tests, as close as possible to real conditions, started in the west of Japan on a six-kilometer stretch of road in Eiheiji, Fukui Prefecture.

In particular, engineers tested the efficiency of the cameras and sensors that determine the location of the car and monitor the environment. In addition, the behavior of artificial intelligence has been tested for the ability to cope with the extraordinary situations that arise during the journey.

It is assumed that such vehicles in the future can act as a public transport on popular tourist routes. It is assumed that the autopilot developed by Panasonic will begin to be used commercially in commercial vehicles in 2022.