Panasonic unveils new wireless car charger

Panasonic unveils new wireless car charger

January 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The electronics manufacturer Panasonic has unveiled two new smartphone chargers. The magazine Pepelac.News told about it.

According to the specialists of the publication, Panasonic has introduced new wireless charging stations for gadgets that can be installed in any car. One of the devices is a fixed coil charger, and the other is a floating one, which means that users do not even need to accurately position their smartphone on the charging panel.

It is reported that the floating coil charger will be able to self-position under the smartphone for better energy transfer. Also, the advantages of the new charging include a better connection compared to other chargers.

The peak power of the charging stations is 15 W, which provides a fast charging function for any gadget, and is also one of the highest power output indicators among peers. The cost of the device has not yet been announced, but it may be announced soon.