Panasonic to help Toyota build hybrid batteries

Panasonic to help Toyota build hybrid batteries

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Reuters writes about this with reference to the press service of the brand.

According to the latest data, one of the new Toyota plants, half of which is owned by Panasonic, will master the production of lithium-ion batteries. According to preliminary data, after reaching the planned capacity, the enterprise will be able to produce up to half a million traction batteries for electric cars.

Not so long ago, Toyota’s press service announced that by 2025 the company will produce up to 5.5 million hybrids, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles per year. By this time, apparently, the manufacturer will either abandon the production of conventional cars altogether, or reduce their number to the minimum value.

Of course, the increase in the production of traction batteries directly affects the prime cost of “clean” cars and, as a result, their cost to buyers. This will have a positive effect on the competition between the Japanese auto giant and the American company Tesla, which is going to refuse to buy batteries from Panasonic.