Panasonic showed the first compact electric car for business

Panasonic showed the first compact electric car for business

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two fully-made compact business electric car models (eCUVs) were unveiled by Panasonic and California-based startup Tropos Motors.

The compact fire truck and refrigerator are designed for small companies providing various services at the “last mile”, commercial fleets, utilities and many others. Models are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and can also connect to the OneConnectSM cloud services platform.

A compact connected fire truck has the functionality of its full-size counterpart, but it costs 10 times less (the cost of a standard fire truck can reach 500 thousand dollars). The model is equipped with a TOUGHBOOK FZ-G1 ruggedized tablet for navigating, receiving and tracking emergency information and communicating with the operator. The relatively miniature size will allow the efficient use of this electric car, even in very limited spaces, where large cars cannot drive.

The compact connected refrigerated car is equipped with eight Hussmann cameras (the development company is part of the Panasonic group), which, thanks to their special vacuum thermal insulation, keeps the cold 13 times more effective than conventional polyurethane containers for freezing. The boxes are recyclable and reusable, and also do not require additional cooling, which increases the environmental friendliness of the solution and reduces battery consumption.

Panasonic’s OneConnectSM is a global cloud platform that allows you to track and timely inform drivers and fleet owners about the need for vehicle maintenance, as well as providing analytics about car use. Statista predicts that by 2023 there will be about 342 million connected vehicles in the world. Data from OneConnectSM can be used to create algorithms that enhance the performance of car batteries and key components.

The partnership between Panasonic and Tropos Motors began in May 2019. The Japanese company uses its own developments in the field of energy and IoT (“smart” connected transport) in the project. Tropos Motors utilizes the Tropos Motors ABLE platform – for station wagons that combine high payload and towing capabilities with environmental friendliness.

Compact electric transport is becoming more widespread in the business, because in some cases it is much better suited to solve specific problems than diesel counterparts. At the same time, small electric cars win at a price, low operating and maintenance costs, providing an accelerated return on investment.