Panasonic screen taught to warn of cyclists and bridges

Panasonic screen taught to warn of cyclists and bridges

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The world’s largest manufacturer of home appliances and electronics Panasonic has created a new AR HUD system with augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The annual CES exhibition is a real paradise for those who love all kinds of gadgets, the latest technologies, innovative projects, etc. By tradition, a lot of interesting things at this show are related to the world of cars. So the Japanese company Panasonic presented a head-up display with augmented reality. Few people will be surprised by this now: such “smart” screens are developed and implemented by many automakers.

The advantage of the Panasonic screen is its advanced functionality. The display is capable of transmitting a variety of symbols and prompts to the windshield. The system will study the traffic situation and warn the driver about the signs. There are no problems with the picture – it has excellent resolution and optimal size. And the new system is able to follow the driver’s gaze and read data from a three-dimensional radar. When such an advanced screen will become serial, the Japanese did not say.

The system will designate an object that suddenly appears on the way with a special frame. Moreover, navigation tips can change color – from blue to red (if you need to slow down).

The screen will show pedestrian zebras, cyclists, and a free parking space.

And the newest system will also tell you how not to get lost at junctions and not get stuck under the bridge (it will promptly indicate the permitted height). Let us recall that modern electronics with augmented reality imposes hints and all sorts of symbols on the surrounding infrastructure, as if complementing them.

Meanwhile, Harman has shown how to make driving more fun. For this, 3 high-tech concepts were presented at once, which are likely to be implemented.