Painted by artist Banksy Volvo FL6 will be auctioned

Painted by artist Banksy Volvo FL6 will be auctioned

September 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next week, the British auction house Bonhams will present a truck painted by artist Banksy.

We are talking about the 17 – ton Volvo Fl6, which is completely covered with graffiti from a rather well – known British artist working under the pseudonym “Banksy”.

The total area of ​​street art was 80 square meters and this is one of the author’s most ambitious works. For such an unusual lot, the organizers expect to gain from 1.3 to 2 million dollars. If you wish to purchase a Turbo Zone Truck, you will receive documentary evidence of the authenticity of the picture posted on it.

The Volvo Fl6 was painted by Banksy back in 2000. In the idea of ​​this project, the author tried to convey a call for anarchy and social changes in society. In order to realize the full plan, the artist took two weeks.

After that, the truck for some time belonged to the traveling circus Turbozone International Circus, thanks to which it was able to show itself in Europe and South America.

Banksy has been working with Bonhams for 10 years. The auction organizers highly appreciate all his work and are going to continue mutually beneficial relations in the future.