Pagani will use the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine until 2026

Pagani will use the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine until 2026

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian brand plans to continue to equip its models with a powerful V12 engine, produced by the German Mercedes-AMG brand. There are also plans to create your own electric motor.

Exclusive automakers such as the Italian Pagani and the Swedish Koenigsegg produce only a few powerful hypercars a year. It is because of this that they cannot ignore existing and rather strict emission standards, although the adoption of the latter still means that in the near future, the era of very high-profile gasoline hypercars will end. For Pagani models, this time may occur after 2026.

In an interview with the foreign publication Autocar, Pagani CEO Horacio Pagani said that the automaker will continue to use the updated version of the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, which in turn will be completely upgraded until 2026.

Pagani and Mercedes began their close working relationship back in 1994, when the German automaker agreed to supply the Italian company with its powerful V12 engines. The news that Pagani plans to use the AMG V12 engine at least until 2026 is not surprising, even when AMG itself refuses to use this engine in its cars. AMG said it will continue to manufacture the engine for other sub-brands, such as Mercedes-Maybach, which will allow Pagani to continue to use this installation.

┬áIt is the powerful V12 that will be installed under the hood of the Huayra hypercar receiver, which is already known under the internal index C10 – the presentation is expected in 2022. But the C10 will be more than just the successor to Huayra. Yes, the model will use a V12 engine, however, according to Mr. Pagani, one of the new versions will have a fully electric power plant.