Pagani will release its first SUV after 2025

Pagani will release its first SUV after 2025

September 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Horacio Pagani is responsible for creating some of the most exciting double hypercars in the world. Now the company’s lineup is represented by Zonda and Huayra cars, as well as a new hypercar, known as the C10. Nevertheless, big changes are coming, as Pagani plans to create an SUV and sedan.

Horacio Pagani is a living legend whose many years of experience at Lamborghini have enabled him to establish his own brand, which bears his name and gained worldwide fame. Such success is difficult to achieve without careful planning, and Horacio knows exactly what kind of machines he is planning to build before 2025.

In a recent interview, Pagani said it’s very difficult to ignore Pagani in SUV or sedan bodies. Adding a new model will help expand the Pagani brand and attract more potential customers.

Although it’s hard to imagine a Pagani SUV, Horacio seems to have gotten the opportunity to occupy a new niche. The Pagani SUV is a unique opportunity to mix the individual character of modern brand hypercars with a format that allows more than two people to enjoy the ride at the same time.

Imagine a practical Pagani that you can drive every day, with a boot in the trunk for groceries and a comfortable lounge for the whole family. Based on the current value of Pagani products, the car will remain a dream that very few lucky ones can afford.

When Pagani started building the Zonda, the top of the lineup was a two-seater supercar that could combine performance and luxury.