Pagani very creatively announced his new model

Pagani very creatively announced his new model

February 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the official website of the Italian automaker is a very interesting and most important, unusual mention of the new Pagani model. The silhouette of the car, which is similar to the current Huayra or Zonda, is embedded in the source code of the website’s home page.

Usually, when car manufacturers want to make a fuss about their new models, they hid all the information about them in every way. Test prototypes are wrapped in tons of camouflage film, which of course becomes smaller and thinner over time. Teasers are published that show us some part of the novelty or the silhouette as a whole. In general, companies are struggling to create more noise around the new car. So the Italian automaker – the company Pagani, decided to start an advertising campaign for its new model.

 And they decided to do this in a very unusual way. The secret Pagani supercar, which no one even suspected of, is hidden in the source code of Pagani’s own website.

 That is, no one can see the image of the news, just downloading the Pagani website. Obviously, most people will not appreciate this step of creative guys from the Italian brand, but those who had the idea of ​​not just visiting the official Pagani website, but also choosing the function “view the source code of the page” in their browser, could get acquainted with the outline of that that looks like a Huayra or Zonda supercar. Why are we not sure what this model is? Yes, because there are quite significant restrictions on the detail of the image, which consists of letters, numbers and text characters.