Pagani unveiled purple roadster Zonda Zun

Pagani unveiled purple roadster Zonda Zun

June 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The renowned Italian car manufacturer has presented to the world rendered images (created with the help of computer graphics), in which the custom-made Zonda Pagani, which is called Zun, is presented.

Renders, which were presented and published by the Italian manufacturer, are the only images that objectively show the appearance of the future sports car, because by that time Zun was not fully assembled. Nevertheless, they clearly demonstrate the future appearance of ultra-fast exclusive cars.

 The design demonstrates sophistication and originality, which is inherent in absolutely all Pagani cars. The unique color in which the body is painted is the first thing that catches the eye. This shade resembles the one in Zonda 760LH, which was run by the notorious Lewis Hamilton. In front, the hypercar received a splitter created on the basis of carbon fiber, as well as a custom-made “hood” in the shape of an arrowhead (made of carbon fiber). External air intakes are installed on the rear arches of the car wheels; rear wing, increased compared with the other models of the family 760, was organically supplemented by a spoiler, which has a pleasant-looking purple hue. It is noteworthy that the body color found its continuation in the exterior of the car.

In order to avoid misinterpretations, it should be emphasized that the manufacturer currently does not create new Zonda Pagani, but is engaged in assembling models to order, using existing components. At the moment, the technical specifications, as well as the Zonda model (on the basis of which Zun is assembled) remain unknown.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has embarked on a test of the new P80 / C supercar. The car is created in one copy for one, very rich client.