Paddy Lowe: The racers got an idea about the FW42

Paddy Lowe: The racers got an idea about the FW42

February 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Thursday, Williams spent a full test day, and Robert Kubica first sat behind the wheel of the FW42. Not without technical problems, but the team is pleased that they were able to collect information about the new product …

Paddy Lowe, Technical Director: “Today we launched the first full-fledged FW42 tests. The last details arrived at night, so we started the day with a fully assembled car. The main task was to get as much information as possible, especially about the work of aerodynamics, and drive a few short series of circles, so that the riders got an idea about the car, but none of them was looking for the limits of its capabilities.

Robert’s morning session was more productive. Unfortunately, at the end there was a slight breakdown, which took a long time to fix, which is why we started work later in the day. In the second session, there were also some minor problems, interfered with red flags. As a result, with George, we could not do everything that was planned.

In any case, both riders got an impression about the car and provided feedback, and we collected information to be studied at the base. The challenge now is to conduct tests next week productively.

Thanks to the team for the great efforts made in the last week. It’s hard for everyone, but we are moving forward. ”

George Russell (13th): “It was important to drive onto the track and feel the car. We got an understanding of where we are at the moment, saw our limitations and understood what we have to work on next week. The car behaves stably, I have a good feeling, but I have not yet been able to assess its speed potential.

We are pleased that on Tuesday we will return to the track, but first there is a lot to do to ensure that the car is in the best shape and we will not have any technical problems. We must travel a great distance to make up for lost time. “

Robert Kubica (14th): “I first got behind the wheel, for me it was not the fourth day of tests, but the first. In the morning we collected information for engineers and tried to work on the track.

I drove 12 fast laps, so it’s too early to talk about feelings. The situation will become clearer next week. It would be better to spend more time behind the wheel, because the stage in Australia soon. Everyone does his job, and I have to concentrate on my own in order to prepare as best I can for the first race. ”