Paddy Lowe: F-1 technology influenced Tesla development

Paddy Lowe: F-1 technology influenced Tesla development

January 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Technical Director Williams believes that developing over the past ten years, Formula 1 technology had a significant impact when creating electric cars. Indeed, in racing, advanced ideas are being implemented much faster than in other industries, RaceFans writes.

“In 2007, for the development of KERS, we were not able to use EV technology, so we relied on the flywheel. At that time, the energy density was limited, but we still managed to increase it 100 times, – said Low in an interview with the publication. – I believe that it was thanks to this that Tesla was able to release its electric cars. After all, they need a high energy density of batteries. This development came from F-1. “

Lowe says modern teams are more professional than in the past. Yes, everyone constantly complains about the lack of financial resources, but indeed such complaints have been relevant for about 30 years. And this does not prevent them from working and being better off than before. Professional level has grown significantly.

Technical Director Williams recalls: “I call my early career period the Wild West. Because if suddenly some idea came to mind, such as developing a power steering or inventing a traction control system, then we took it up and implemented it. We were not limited by the rules.

 Now we are focused on success, we are secured and we have big ambitions. We also know how to bring things to the end. They even write books about us, noting that one can achieve the goal by commissioning the Formula 1 cause. ”

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