Over thirty years, team spending increased by 1000%

Over thirty years, team spending increased by 1000%

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Since 2021, Formula 1 introduces budgetary restrictions – teams will be able to spend no more than $ 175 million per year, while now the costs of some participants are estimated at several hundred million US dollars.

Journalist Christian Silt analyzed how the expenses of the championship teams have changed over the past thirty years on the example of McLaren and Williams.

In 1990, McLaren spent $ 26.7 million and revenue $ 28.9 million. After all mandatory payments were made, the team received a net profit of $ 1.4 million. For comparison, in the same 1990, Wiliams budget was more modest – $ 19,2 million for revenue of $ 19.7 million

Since then, the numbers have changed significantly. The latest McLaren financial report is dated 2018. It follows that in that fiscal year, the team’s expenses amounted to $ 305 million, which is 1045% higher than in 1990. Williams expenses in 2018 amounted to $ 173 million – an increase of 799% compared to 1990.