Otmar Safnauer: Season can be considered transitional

Otmar Safnauer: Season can be considered transitional

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the first stage of the season at Racing Point are optimistic about the future – and expect to earn points in Melbourne.

Sergio Perez: “The winter was long – I am excitedly waiting for the opportunity to get behind the wheel in Melbourne. At Christmas I had a good rest with my family and friends, but then I started to miss the races. Australia is one of the best places to visit – and a great place to start the season. I like Melbourne, here is a very hospitable audience, you feel in the center of attention – I am glad to come back here again.

I am ready to start a new chapter in the history of this team. I feel strong physically and mentally, and the positive atmosphere in the team adds more strength. Last year was difficult, especially if we talk about events outside the track, but now I feel rested. Since the season ahead is long – and will end only in December, in the winter I trained a lot to prepare for this marathon.


In Melbourne, a bumpy and very technical track, quite narrow. The first stage after the winter break is always difficult, the results are traditionally unpredictable here, so the weekend promises to be interesting. Chasing this track is very nice, especially when you return to the fight after a long break. It is too early to judge what our positions will be, but the results of this weekend will make it clear what we can count on this season.

I look forward to the start of the struggle. On winter tests, it turned out that new cars lose less downforce behind their rivals, which should have a positive impact on entertainment. I think, in Formula 1, did an excellent job with their task, correcting the rules, but let’s see how the first race will take shape. “

Lance Stroll: “I look forward to the first stage. I like to be in Australia, and the first race of the season adds even more interest. My batteries are fully charged, I am in good shape. After long trainings in the winter, it’s great to get back to work on the track.

The upcoming weekend is special for me, because this is my first race in our new team. Many of my friends like the coloring of our car, they say that it can immediately be distinguished from others.

In my opinion, the winter tests went well. In the second week, we achieved an increase in speed and were able to prepare for the races. I am confident in this car, we know which direction to go when searching for balance. This weekend we get a lot of new products that we put on the car. In general, the team coped well with their work.

In Albert Park cool track. Australian fans are very fond of Formula 1 and emotionally welcome us when we arrive at the track in the morning. The track is narrow and rather technical, there are a few bumps. We worked with her on the simulator, I feel ready for the stage.

I do not have certain expectations – at the beginning of the season there are too many variables. We will solve questions one by one and add speed with each session. I look forward to continuing to work with the team. “

Othmar Suffnauer, Team Leader: “Australia is a great place to start the season. Here we are always warmly welcomed by the fans, and we are happy to return to the races after a long winter and tests. Melbourne has a special atmosphere, and the city race allows viewers to feel closer. The city is doing everything to make this week a real festival of motor racing – this is a fantastic holiday.

In the winter tests we did everything we planned, but in the first race of the season the car will look different than on the tests in Barcelona. We made a strategic decision to devote maximum time to developing the machine in order to achieve maximum results in the first race. It is always difficult to put new components on the car at the last moment, this weekend we have a lot to learn, but we believe that in the end this approach will pay off.

We begin the season of 2019 with a new coloring and new forces. New investors have come to the team, we have new partners, but it will be some time before these investments will affect the results. Most of the RP19 nodes were developed before the new shareholders bought the team, so this season can be called transitional.

Our goal this year is to take a step forward and return to the fight with the strongest teams of the middle group. We know that it will not be easy – the results will certainly be the most dense in recent years, but we are looking forward with confidence. Our first task is to earn points in Melbourne. ”