Opus Introduces First Off-Road Trailer with Large Open Kitchen

Opus Introduces First Off-Road Trailer with Large Open Kitchen

October 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new Opus trailer has everything you need to travel to even the most remote corners. The novelty received a retractable kitchen, a hefty bed, toilet and shower, hot water, as well as a solar system.

We know Opus for its collaboration with Japanese automaker Nissan. The guys from Opus built 400-watt solar cells from the Nissan Leaf electric car into the roofs of their trailers and it must be said that thanks to this, the battery of these trailers could work without recharging for seven days.

 Now, Opus has decided to independently create its first off-road heavy trailer called OP 15 ‘- it is reported that only their own developments were used for the project.

This 4.6-meter trailer is the largest trailer of its kind, which surpasses previous similar models OP 2 and OP 4.

The Opus OP 15 ‘is equipped with a 300 W solar system, which is connected to three AGM batteries of 100 amperes each. However, company representatives did not say a word about how many days you can hold out without charging using this system.

 In addition to the autonomous power supply system, the new OP 15 ‘trailer can be used off-road. It has a galvanized steel frame, two shock absorbers and an independent suspension (trailing arm) for each wheel. The trailer is also equipped with off-road tires 265 / 75R / 16, as well as a protective plate, which protects its bottom from deformation.

 The brutal exterior of the OP 15 ‘is combined with a luxury interior. The trailer has a full dining area, a full-sized bamboo chest of drawers and a shower / toilet. There is hot water and built-in air conditioning. Inside, there is also a hefty bed, as well as two additional bunk beds.