Open pre-order for electric superbike made of wood

Open pre-order for electric superbike made of wood

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Clean energy cars are becoming more popular every year. Manufacturers of luxury yachts are not far behind. The French company Newron Motors decided to loudly declare itself, having launched the pre-order collection for an unusual wooden motorcycle EV-1, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers in 3 seconds and charging in 40 minutes.

The first prototype EV-1 superbike was introduced in 2019, but it was unclear whether it could go beyond exhibitions and online reporting. After a short break, Newron Motors announced the start of receiving pre-orders for a ready-for-sale version of the motorcycle.

EV-1 received impressive features:

    Acceleration to 100 km / h in 3 seconds
    The maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour
    Mileage range without additional recharging from 220 to 300 kilometers in racing and city modes, respectively
    Quick charge in 40 minutes
    Steady wheels and alloy carbon wheels for added maneuverability
    A significant part of the case is made of natural wood (ebony, oak, red cedar or white ash)

One of the features of the new motorcycle is its unusual appearance. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the battery has become an integral part of the bike. At the same time, engineers left it open, which not only increases the visual unusualness of the EV-1, but also allows the batteries not to overheat during operation. All owners of the superbike will have access to Newron’s proprietary mobile application, which will allow full control over the technical condition of the vehicle, as well as study information about previous trips.

Currently, only 12 bikes are available for pre-order. Those wishing to become the owner of the motorcycle must make an advance payment of $ 2,250, and then pay its full cost, which amounts to a considerable $ 67 thousand. The start of sales is scheduled for 2021. Three colors are available: oak, red cedar and white ash. An additional possibility of customizing the EV-1 is declared at the request of the client.