Opel will revive the VXR line with the charged Corsa

Opel will revive the VXR line with the charged Corsa

September 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The latest Corsa model decided to return the VXR badge with a more than 200-horsepower powerplant in 2021.

Opel \ Vauxhall plans to revive its currently inactive sub-brand, VXR, and the hot Corsa will be the first model in the line. Although a source at the firm indicated that Vauxhall’s rival for the Ford ST and Honda Type R is “now in a break,” Autocar understands that company executives are considering returning a “charged” hatchback in the near future.

There was some concern that the new PSA owner, participating in Luton’s dramatic profit-making turn, would send VXR to history books.

Currently, the brand management is facing a choice between the power plants of the new supermini, probably based on sales of the electric version.

Corsa is considered the best hope for a resurgence of the VXR due to its historic success in sales in the UK and in continental Europe like Opel. The last three generations of Corsa have been available with VXR options.