Opel showed Mokka high-tech interior

Opel showed Mokka high-tech interior

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker continues to announce the next-generation subcompact crossover Mokka and now draws our attention to interior design.

The main advantage of the cabin is the new Pure Panel with large displays. Opel describes the installation as “a high-tech cabin, fully digital and at the same time focused -” detoxified. ” As with most modern cars, the combination of wide stretched screens makes many buttons superfluous.

It is reported that the Opel Pure Panel provides the latest digital technology and transmits important information to the driver “without any annoying visual stimuli.” By reducing the number of buttons and controls, the interface provides the right balance between digitization and purely intuitive controls without having to go to a submenu.

“With the new Mokka, we are introducing the Opel Pure panel to our customers for the first time. Large displays, fully integrated into a single horizontal information format, a minimal number of physical controls and clear, detoxified digital information, all together create an optimized customer experience, ”said Opel Design Vice President Mark Adams.

The next generation of Mokka paves the way for Opel models in the 2020s. According to Opel, the crossover will retain the typical German design language, which combines clarity and bold expressiveness. This philosophy will apply to both the interior and exterior of the next-generation Mokka.

Based on the PSA CMP architecture (EMP1), the Opel / Vauxhall Mokka model 2021 will be 120 kg lighter than its predecessor, and for the first time will offer an all-electric option – the Mokka-e, which could use the same power plant as the 134-horsepower Corsa-e and DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. Both models are equipped with a 50 kW battery, providing mileage of 330 km. The model range will also include gasoline and diesel engines of small displacement with a turbocharger, similar to other models of the PSA group.

The European delivery of the new Mokka will begin in early 2021, which means that the premiere is likely to happen later this year.